Freelance interior design for small budget remodeling

Interior design gets good when it’s pushed – when it’s challenged to solve problems and get personal. Anyone can pick a style and stick with it to make a room look finished, but it takes collaboration, skill and even trial and error to come up with a unique design perspective based on different views. For me, it’s this kind of design that feels the most authentic and telling of the people who live in it. This new home highlights the best of each person who lives there, while also maintaining a cohesive, welcoming environment.

Casey, a freelance interior designer, and Evan Bovee, a touring guitar technician for Prince, were looking for a bungalow when they found this 2005 home in Springfield, MO with older home details. It had all of the charm (plus larger rooms) without the risks you find with older homes. Since moving in three years ago, Casey and Evan have been working towards making it a home that expresses their aesthetics equally. “We really wanted to create a space that reflected both of us completely – which is harder than it seems! So any time there was a decision to be made, both of our needs and opinions were heavily considered,” Casey says. “When we come home, we want it to be balanced and real.” Rustic, traditional, modern, glam, industrial and elegant styles have all found their places in this home harmoniously, with hard work along the way.

The process of decorating a space, no matter if it’s incorporating seven styles or just one, generally comes with some setbacks and changed minds. The Bovees have taken it all in stride. “There have been a lot of mistakes made, but the first one was painting a lot of our rooms dark colors. I really love that look, but I can’t live in it. The past year has been dedicated to painting,” says Casey. “Not only to fix my mistakes, but to correct all the cream trim and doors. Now everything is light and bright. We are still working on our home. I think by the time everything is completely finished (if that ever happens), it will be time to move.” If you ask me, it’s a pretty great work in progress.