Affinity at Serangoon Buyers Rejoice at Cross Island Line News

Affinity at Serangoon builds a number of design units with a superb high quality interior that’s matched by top standard equipment and appliances fitted to every unit. Because there is going to be a possible channel in the area, the residents of this Affinity will be in a position to profit from increased convenience and accessibility to several sections of the island.

The remainder of the Cross Island Line is predicted to be announced at a subsequent date. Details on the rest of the channels of the Cross Island Line MRT is going to be announced later on. The CRL line is going to be constructed underground. Affinity at Serangoon benefits hugely due to walking distance of less than 500m from the Serangoon North station on Cross Island Line.

Families would similarly be quite pleased to notice the range of good schools in the region, including Rosyth School and Zhonghua School that are present in 1KM.

Condos may open house possession to new groups of individuals Therefore, if you are prepared to have your own house, but can not quite afford a home, a condominium may be a way for you to enter the marketplace. There is not any limitation in the total amount of flats and condominiums a foreigner can purchase. Today, an increasing number of people are selecting to select the condominium lifestyle as it’s perceived to be the most practical, particularly in highly urban places.

These homes are largely known as mass market condo that could be found near Affinity Condo. The spacious plot is due to the Enbloc of former Serangoon Ville HUDC and was highly anticipated when developer Oxley Holdings won the collective sales. The new Serangoon condo launch was well-received as there have been no new launches in the region for quite a long time.

Through its years of expertise and robust history, the Group has also established for itself a good reputation for how it can take care of large-scale and intricate projects. It has plenty of public transportation choices, all that attached to various parts and planes of this island. Designed with the community in your mind, it intends to make its occupants feel a sense of closeness and belonging in their own community, hence the title Affinity.